A Long Seattle Winter …

It is FINALLY starting to warm up a bit in Seattle. Though when I say, “warm,” I mean it’s roughly 10*C instead of 5*C.

It feels like it’s been freezing and rainy forever, and the media reported a while back that we have had only 3 sunny days since October (if you can believe that).

In tribute to the receding coldness I thought I’d share some pics from this past winter season. Enjoy!

The outskirts of Mt Rainier National Park in early December:

Snow on our roof and street from the night it snowed it in Seattle (December 8th-9th) …

We took a walk to the Space Needle as well the next morning.

More snow on February 6th! Moby had a blast!

Let’s just say that summer better last a bloody long time this year!



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