Living It Up in Cabo San Lucas

The US doesn’t exactly get a lot of public holidays and long weekends, so this July 4th we took advantage of the free day off and headed to Cabo!

Cabo San Lucas sits right down at the bottom of the Baja Peninsula, Mexico. It’s about a 5-hour flight from Seattle, with a stopover along the way.

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 8.31.27 PM

After stuffing around at the airport, we finally made it onto the hotel shuttle with a beer in hand.


We stayed at the Marina Fiesta, which was in a great location and easy walking distance to everything. This was our semi-view of the pool.


We discovered a lot of cool little bars and eateries in the ‘back streets’ of Cabo, away from the tourist dock/strip. The food was amazing and best of all, it was cheap! Like $2 coronas and $3 tacos.


One highlight was this awesome rock band, who basically shack up in an outdoor bar every night (the Jungle Bar, I think) and play cool tunes. They were playing War Pigs (Black Sabbath) when we first got there! \m/


Another one of our faves was also this tiny tequila bar called Slim Elbows. It basically seated four people and was covered, like a few other bars in the area, in American dollar bills. Naturally, beers, (real) tequila and sticking a $1 bill up with our names on it was the go 🙂 It was great to chat to the barmaids as well, who were lovely Mexican locals.



Of course, the biggest perk of the whole trip (especially having come from cold and wet Seattle) was the hot weather and the BEACH! We spent a lot of time here, mostly at the end where the locals hang out.


That tiny figure in the water there is Eshy!


Further down the beach there’s also the tourist spot and a few bars. The food was good but expensive! Nice views though. Here’s Esh waiting for some nachos:



On our last day, we did (as expected) a boat tour out to the famous El Arco. The tour takes you out of the bay and around to the Pacific Ocean side of the peninsula, which is beautiful but not swimmable.



What they call Coyote Rock:


Lover’s Beach – on the other side (the Pacific side) is Divorce Beach. Apparently called so because if you swim there you’ll get swept away.


Looking back towards the mainland:


A few more street shots to give you an idea of what it looks like there.



The region outside the city seems like a vast desert wasteland… lots of bush, scrub and cacti!

It was a fantastic little long weekend, and we were thrilled to get some sun, get a tan (well, I did) and hit the beach like old times.


Next time, I think we’ll head over to the other side of Mexico, to the coast of Yucatan, and maybe even head down to Belize!



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