From Seattle to the Olympic Peninsula

We don’t get a lot of public holidays here in the states, so when one does come around, you have to make the most of it.

This year’s Memorial Day saw us loading up the car, Moby and all, and heading across to western Washington, to the Olympic Peninsula.


The Peninsula is basically a big chunk of land on the western border of Washington state, with its coastline overlooking the Pacific Ocean, thus:

Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 9.11.54 AM

Our drive took us onto the local Seattle ferry, where we crossed the water to Bainbridge Island, drove up it and then across the Hood Canal Bridge.

The day was sunny and warm (though cold out on the water), making for some great pics of Seattle, the Sound and Mt. Rainier from the ferry.

IMG_3822IMG_3820 2



On the drive, we stopped at 3 places along the way. First, Port Angeles, a quaint little town holding a small market day. We both ate (yet again) a giant pluto pop a.k.a corn dog. The coolest thing about this town is that across the water, you can actually see Canada.


Next, we moved on to Forks, where there’s not much going on. Apparently this is the place where Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight series is set (and you can even do a Twilight tour here). I think the movies were filmed around here, too. So interesting I didn’t even take a photo.

We also stopped off for some quick viewing of Crescent Lake, a lake that was formed by a glacier during the last Ice Age.



Finally, we ended up at a grey-sand beach called Rialto, which was very pretty but super cold and windy (and we’d stupidly forgotten to bring jackets). It was, however, refreshing to see the actual ocean!


Moby also had a ball running around.

Unfortunately we didn’t get into the actual Olympic Mountains either, but there’s always next time. Maybe in winter, when the mountains are snowcapped.

Most unexpected thing about the Peninsula 1: Apparently it’s the prime place to stock up on fireworks! We saw a tonne of roadside fireworks stalls. How 80s.

IMG_3868 2

Most unexpected thing about the Peninsula 2: It seems to be crowded with Republicans?! We saw a heck of a lot of “Donald Trump – Let’s Make America Great Again” signs out the front of people’s houses and shops. America is likely doomed.

The highlight of the trip (after being delayed for hours on the way back due a crash on the bridge) was the ferry ride on the way home at sunset. Mind you this is around 10pm at night – love these long summer days!


Approaching the city … You can see the tiny Space Needle near the middle. With views like this, it’s no wonder we’re so in love with Seattle!



Stay tuned for our next post on our upcoming trip to Mexico!


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