To the Bridge at Deception Pass

It’s an entire state park, but Deception Pass – at least in the short time we spent visiting it – is also a tiny straight separating Whidbey and Fidalgo Islands in Seattle / Washington.


It’s known for it’s famed bridge (the Deception Pass Bridge) and it’s gorgeous views, and so we took a quick day trip out here with Moby the other week.


Some shots of the views below… You can see the small beach at the water’s edge, though we didn’t make it down there.





Moby liked the view too!

IMG_3492 2

We took a short ‘hike’ underneath the bridge, which was fun. It was pretty hot though and at the time Moby had a sore leg, so we didn’t get too far.



According to this plaque the Pass was named by Captain George Vancouver (the same guy Vancouver is named after) who had originally thought Whidbey Island was a peninsula.


From the State Parks website:

“The name Deception Pass derived from Captain Vancouver’s realization that what he had mistaken for a peninsula was actually an island. He named that island Whidbey in honor of his assistant, Joseph Whidbey, who was at his side when Vancouver realized the mistake. The captain named the inlet at which he was anchored Deception Pass to commemorate the error.”


All in all, it was nice to visit another glorious part of Washington state – if only for a short stop. Thank god for nice spring days. Maybe next time it’s hot we’ll stop off proper and go for a (freezing cold) swim! Til next time.


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