Hello, Harrison Hot Springs, Canada

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A few weeks back we (finally!) made our first trip across the US border – and into Canada-land!

The purpose: To head to Harrison Hot Springs Resort, on Lake Harrison, which lies just about an hour over the border. The resort describes itself as a “1920s spa option” – complete with mineral hot spring water pools.

After a long drive to get out of Seattle (Friday, peak hour), we arrived at the border at Sumas. There was a short line-up and we were across in about 10 minutes.

We made it to the resort (which was more like a 3 star hotel, not a resort), checked in, and headed straight to the hot spring pools!

I actually forgot to take a photo of the hot spring pools – but here’s one I stole from their website:

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 5.46.52 PM

The pools are man-made, but the springs are all natural (apparently) and have that slightly stuffy sulphur smell. But they are sooooo nice and warm (like a hot bath) and with icy old weather, it was definitely refreshing.

You can also drink in the pool, which was fun. Next time we’ll have to remember to bring those waterproof cups with lids like everyone else.

While the Friday night was nice, the Saturday night was RIDICULOUSLY packed … Imagine the photos above crowded with people. Esh described it as a 1970s pool party – like those ones you see in the movies. But at least we still managed to get a seat at the in-built pool seats around the sides.

The tiny town of Harrison itself is essentially a tourist town with not a great deal to offer. The best place we found, however, was a local pub called the Old Settler – great food and beers.

Here are few daytime shots of the view just outside our hotel – the lake and snowcapped mountains were very pretty. On the last day before we left, we also went on a steep hike down to a secluded beach – but alas, my phone died and I couldn’t take anymore photos.



Moby also had a ball running around, sniffing bird poo and playing on the makeshift tiny beach.

All in all, we loved Canada! Even if we only saw a tiny slice of it. It felt kind of like home being in a Commonwealth country. It was cool to see road markings in kilometres again, rugby on TV, and to find food that was fresh and tasty.


Esh also almost wet his pants over the classic Canadian dish poutine (chips with cheese curd covered in gravy) – and ate it twice! From Wendy’s (which is like a cross between Maccas and Hungry Jacks) … it was the only place we could find it, and it was better than nothing. Definitely tasted like chips n gravy back home.


Me, I treated myself to 4 x giant sized duty free blocks of Cadbury Hazelnut chocolate, which is hard to come by in the USA. A month later, it’s … er … pretty much gone.

Our next trip will hopefully be up to Vancouver in July! Til then, so long, Canadia!






2 thoughts on “Hello, Harrison Hot Springs, Canada

  1. Those chips do look good! Every time I see a pic of Canada it just reminds me so much off NZ. Pretty stunning lake and mountain shots.


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