Moby Turns 1 Year Old!

Hard to believe it, but our little puppy – who was 8 weeks when we got him – turned 1 year old last weekend!

He’s definitely bigger (almost full-size now, can’t believe how small he used to be!), a little smart-arse and unsettlingly clever, and overly demanding when it comes to food and wanting to get his own way – but we love him to death!

Couldn’t be more thrilled to have this little guy as part of our family. He’s turned out to be a pretty well-behaved little pup. His tail wags non-stop, and he’s still a little ball of energy and fun.


Here’s what we’ve figured out over the past year:

  • He’s his “own little dog” – very independent (sometimes code for stubborn)
  • He’s super smart; show him something once or twice and he picks it up
  • He’s got an oddly good memory
  • He lets out a cross between a bark and a howl when he’s busting to go to the loo and you’re not taking him fast enough
  • He LOVES snow




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