Dashing Through the Snow (Part 1)

2015-12-27 15.03.10

Snow! One of the perks of living this far north is that it’s everywhere. Just an hour’s drive from our place in Seattle is a neat little mountain area called Snoqualmie.

We headed up there for a day trip over the NY break to check it out, test out the Jeep’s 4WD snow “function” … and take Moby for a romp!

Here’s what the drive looked like as we got into the mountains…

Pine trees wilting with snow… an iconic mark of winter in the Pacific Northwest. 2015-12-27 12.47.27

2015-12-27 12.48.23

Almost at Snoqualmie… !2015-12-27 12.49.13  2015-12-27 12.50.49

Finally at the Pass… 2015-12-27 12.54.28


Moby had the time of his life! And he didn’t even seem to be remotely cold.


IMG_0810    IMG_0837    IMG_0821

Esh, freezing but smiling…  IMG_0776

Our car after about 20 minutes…     IMG_0780

On the way home, the highway (as usual) was chocked so we took a friendly snowy detour through some local backstreets:

Slow going, but beautiful!


2015-12-27 12.42.33

As you can imagine, we spent the better part of this week stocking up on snow gear. Which is expensive. But I guess there’s no way around it.

So, even though there’s no beaches or summer sunshine here, there’s still a bit of fun to be had over the holidays.

Stay tuned for Part 2 – Skiing lessons!




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