Our First Seattle Christmas

2015-12-13 00.20.11

Pub drinks in the sun? Forget it! Backyard BBQs? I don’t think so. Beaches? Not unless you want to freeze to death!

So, before you ask – YES, it is very weird having Christmas in the freezing cold rather than the summer sun.

But that said, our first Christmas in Seattle was still a great one! We got to spend it together, we had Moby to keep us on our toes, and we even set up our own little tree (yes a real one; apparently those plastic ones that we consider staples are frowned upon when you’re so far north).

2015-12-14 17.41.25

The day was incredibly relaxing! We slept in, and then cooked for the first half of the day… and then ate, ate, ate! Oh, and drank, drank, drank.

Here’s the roast chicken I made, with stuffing, potatoes and veggies (I forgot to take a photo before carving). It served us for lunch and dinner.


On the plate, with champagne to match.


Esh’s homemade egg nog, which consists of egg, cream, sugar and rum! Made a whole jug and drank all of it…


And for dessert, Esh’s famous rum balls… Made with Arnott’s arrowroot biscuits.


We also saved a couple of the arrowroots and ate them with vegemite. Yay!


Here’s Moby hanging out in his new tunnel. IMG_2702

In the afternoon we took Moby for a walk down to the water and managed to catch the last of the 4pm sunset.

IMG_2710 IMG_2711

All in all, we had a great day!

Next year, we’ll prob do a ham and some seafood… Assuming we’re not away in the Bahamas or something! 😉



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