Burgermaster – The Restaurant in Your Car

Oldies might remember it, but growing up in Sydney in the 80s and 90s, it’s a rarity. The drive-in diner.

We’d seen Burgermaster around a fair bit in Seattle and so we finally decided to American-it-up and give it a whirl.

Eating in your car? Why would you want to do that?!

We don’t know. Maybe you’re in a rush. Maybe the food is really good. Maybe you’ve got a puppy in the back and you can’t go to a real restaurant!

Burgermaster is a classic American drive-in diner, and apparently it’s been serving Seattle since 1952. Drive-in diners are somewhat of a norm in the US, but it was definitely a novelty for us Aussies.

So, you drive up… and gaze at the menu through your windscreen. For service, you simply turn your lights on.

IMG_2680 A waiter (who we forgot to take a picture of) then shows up at your window to take your order. You sit in your car and wait.

Then… food arrives! It comes on a little tray, which sits atop your window like this:


We both got the standard Burgermaster beef burger… and it was yummo! Probably one of the best we’ve had here. Very much like an old school milk shop burger.


Fries on the dash. Unfortunately these were pretty bland.


We also got two milkshakes – vanilla and peanut butter – that you can see in the first food shot above. They were great, but suuuper thick! You have to make fish face when sucking on the straw.

In the end, Burgermaster turned out to be a winner! I think I’d rather sit and dine somewhere other than the car, but the burgers were worth it.




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