A Stroll Through Chihuly Gardens & Glass

Back when Hayley and Lynsey were here, the three of us did the Space Needle, and also toured through the Chihuly Gardens & Glass Museum (which sits right next door).

I had always wanted to go … but I was a little underprepared for how dazzling this place was! Ergo, here are a few photos. And yes, everything you see is made of blown glass.

Abstract sculptures…


This thing towers high up into the ceiling IMG_2096

Glass flowers on the ceiling IMG_2097  IMG_2099 IMG_2100

A stunning glass garden

IMG_2102 IMG_2103 IMG_2104 IMG_2105

Glass balls on boats… looks very cool in person IMG_2106

This reminded me of Jupiter…


Glass flowers IMG_2108 IMG_2109 IMG_2110

You can learn more about Dave Chihuly and his work at http://www.chihuly.com/learn

But if you’re in Seattle (and doing the Space Needle) I highly recommend going here! (You can also buy a combined ticket to the two venues for cheaper).




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