Wine Sipping at Lake Chelan, Washington


One of the great things about Seattle is that it’s surrounded by water. You’ve got bays and sounds, as well as plenty of lakes and rivers.

Keen to take our new Jeep for a spin, we + Moby headed off to Lake Chelan for a weekend of relaxing outside of the city. Lake Chelan lies around 4 hours away from Seattle and with a length of just over 50 miles (80km), it is the largest lake in Washington state.

Best of all, it’s surrounded by gorgeous hills…

…and a tonne of beautiful wineries.

We left on the Friday afternoon, which was a little rainy and subsequently, we ended up taking a misty drive…



Before the weather finally cleared up a bit…


It was also Moby’s first time in the back seat by himself! Crazy little dog.


On Saturday, the weather turned out to be beautiful! Chilly in the morning and afternoon, but warm and sunny in the middle of the day.

The hotel we stayed in (Lakeside Lodge) had a balcony, great views, and was right next to a park that backed right onto the lake. Gotta love the dog friendly hotels in this place!

These were the views from our balcony:


Esh stuffing around with Moby!


We had breakfast and a bloody mary at the wonderfully dog-friendly A Shot of Gratitude and took a quick short stroll around the town of Chelan. It’s very small, with cafes/restaurants and little antique/gift shops making up most of the attractions.

Next, we decided to spend the majority of our day hitting up the wineries!


Note: Wine tastings here are cheap! You get 4-5 decent pours for $10, and if you buy a bottle of wine, they waive the $10 tasting fee.

In the end, we ended up lazing the day away at 3 different wineries.

  1. Tunnel Hill

This was a gorgeous little winery with a secret-esque garden and a trendy little tasting room and lovely service. We tasted all of the reds and two of the whites – and ended up with a bottle each of Voignier and Riesling.





2. Nefarious Cellars

This was probably our favourite, mostly thanks to the setting. There was a great little outdoor area here that served as a lookout over the lake and hills. Beautiful! (But a little windy). They also had cool old-school rock music playing, which created a bit of a vibe and atmosphere. The tasting pours here were a little smaller, though. In the end, we ended up with a bottle of the 2013 Spinner blend and left very happy!








3. Fielding Hills

After a brisk walk in the sun down the hill and up again, we worked up a sweat and arrived at our final winery, Fielding Hills. The tasting room and gardens here were lovely and the views were great, but overall it all felt a little too well manicured – more like a big wedding venue than a small relaxing winery. It was also very busy here and we found the service somewhat slower. Still, we had a good tasting time and headed home with a 2011 Merlot.






Back at the hotel, we had a ball letting Moby run around and even coaxed him into the water for a bit of a swim. I went in up to my knees a couple of times, but sadly we didn’t have time for a proper swim for ourselves! (Too cold to swim in the afternoon).

For dinner on Saturday night, we booked ourselves a table at The Winemaker’s Grill at Wapato Point Cellars. We both had the steak, which was great! And the salad and vegetables were wonderfully fresh.

Sunday was home time, with a stop off for breakfast in Manson at Troy’s Pizza (highly recommended) and lunch in Leavenworth.

Needless to say, we loved Lake Chelan! Will definitely be coming back here – possibly in winter for the Wine Walk or next spring/summer. Yay Washington!

PS. Fun Fact we learned here: Iron Maiden inspire beer! \m/




4 thoughts on “Wine Sipping at Lake Chelan, Washington

  1. Yeah Washington is a nice state 🙂 I would luuuurve to do the Hunter – but Esh hates it. Calls it Necknock and refuses to go. Anyway you guys can sort it out! I’m sure the golf aspect will convince him. If u come visit us here we’ll def have to do Chelan.

    No Maiden beers as yet, but on the cards! Along with a bottle of wine from Maynard’s winery…. ;p


  2. That looks awesome!! So you bought a Jeep? Your weekend away looks pretty amazing, definitely some lovely spots around there. Sarah and i have done the Hunter the last two winters and have had the best time. When you guys eventually come back we’ll have to do that (Ehs you and i will play Cypress Lakes and get our arses kicked but still love it!).

    Please tell me you bought some Iron Maiden beers?


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