Weekend Camping at Orcas Island

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The San Juan Islands lie just a short drive up in northern Washington, and a couple of weekends back we were lucky enough to be invited camping with our great pals Mark, Becky, Ben and Delia!

First things first: Getting there.

We piled a bucket load of stuff into Ben and Dee’s car and prepped for the drive.

Benjamin: The Navigator / Weather Checker.


Delia: The Driver / Hip Hop Artist.


Esh: In the back with Moby.



After an hour and a bit drive, we boarded ourselves, car and all, onto the ferry. Which is the only way to get to the islands. Thankfully, it was sunset, and the views were awesome.

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Esh, Dee and Moby on the ferry! I think Ben was in the loo…  

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Orcas Island is made up of lots of gorgeous forest scenery.

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We arrived at the campground in Moran State Park on Friday night – greeted Mark and Becky, who were lucky enough to arrive during daylight! – and set about putting up Ben & Dee’s by flashlight.

Let’s just say it was a challenge! Thankfully, it got up with all hands on deck, lots of practical action, and plenty of sarcastic remarks from Esh 🙂 Voila!

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While the spot was beautiful, the weather was a little on the downside and it rained the whole first night (which was cold, but actually quite calming). Thanks to Moby’s incessant shuffling, we didn’t get great sleep either! But oh well.

Breakfast of eggs, bacon, pancakes and pine needles the next  made up for it! (Not to mention the dark beer – oh, and some bun fried in oil).


Here’s Mark: The Brewer.

FullSizeRender 66

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Again, I think Becky must’ve been in the loo…!

After moving camp sites on Saturday (another challenge – we MacGyver’d it and carried both tents, fully constructed, from one site to another), a wind storm picked up and the site had to be evacuated for a few hours since tree branches were dropping left, right and centre. A few ended up on our tents, but not on us thankfully.

And Mark and Becky’s canopy (which we would’ve died without!) ended up covered in pine needles. As did just about everything else.

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Still, the new camping site was much more secluded and private than the first one, and much more beautiful.

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SubstandardFullSizeRender 11

Despite being kicked out, we had a great time in town drinking at the brewery, eating sandwiches in the park and exploring a few shops. Here’s Moby enjoying a beer:


Next, we drove up to some mountain top (Constitution, I think) where we got to see amazing views of the water and other islands (though we almost got blown away in the process). 

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SubstandardFullSizeRender 41

For some reason this reminds me of Wuthering Heights:

SubstandardFullSizeRender 28


That night, we had a ball – BBQing, drinking beer, playing cards  and laughing ourselves stupid with Cards Against Humanity (um, from what I can recall: a packet of A-grade Mexican heroin, I got 99 problems but leprosy ain’t one, AIDS, kissing + copping a feel = uranus!). In the end, I think Esh won.

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After a short trek through the forest, we ended up at the local lake, where luckily we convinced a not-too-keen Moby to finally jump in and go for a quick swim! Such a cutie.


As luck would have it, the day we left (Sunday) it was sunny and warm. We grabbed breakfast in town, did a little more shopping, and finally made it back to the ferry to head home.

Ahh, blue skies and sunshine.


The girls:

FullSizeRender 84

Da boys:

FullSizeRender 80

SubstandardFullSizeRender 48

Orcas was a great spot to be and even though the weather wasn’t great, we had a fabulous time! Looking forward to doing it again, and glad we got in at least one camping trip with our buddies before Washington drops into uber coldness. Love this state!



PS. Special thanks to B&D for the additional photos!

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