A Few Pics From the Space Needle!


After settling down in Seattle over the past 6 months, we kind of feel like part of the scenery. Nevertheless, we decided to once again put our tourist hats on and get our butts up into the famed Space Needle.


After about a 30 minute queue (we went on a Monday afternoon) and a 45 second ride up in the lift, we made it.

It was a nice, sunny day so we had great views from the top. It’s about 520 feet or 158 metres up. So not as high as some monuments but still cool. In comparison, the deck is roughly the same height as the top of the harbour bridge, but only half the height of the Eiffel Tower.

Here is the view looking out over Elliot Bay / Puget Sound. We live around the corner from here.


Eshy enjoying himself:


One of the many Seattle bridges (can’t remember which one – George Washington, maybe?!):


Seattle city with Mount Rainier in the background. That skinny black building sticking up near the middle of the frame is the Columbia Center, which is actually the tallest building in Seattle.


Mount Rainier closer up, looking spectacular as usual:



Homes from a distance, looking inland:


These are the houses on Queen Anne Hill surrounding Kerry Park – this is the park where everyone goes to check out the famous skyline view of Seattle city. Big houses here cost around $2 million+ (can you believe it?) and have some of the best city views in Seattle.

Here’s a shot of Lake Union, which is right next to where Esh works and where we lived when we first arrived here. That park in the bottom right corner was strolled around many a time.


Some whacky art installation on a roof that can only be seen from the needle. Hello daddy long legs!


And finally, this is the zoomed-in view of our building from the Space Needle. See the little orange umbrellas? Home!


All in all, it was an interesting but quick trip up and down, with a sneaky coffee and a croissant in between. Hooray, Space Needle down! Nothing beats being a tourist in the place where you live… 😉


4 thoughts on “A Few Pics From the Space Needle!

    1. Oooh yes that is definitely on the cards! The Space Needle just had to be done first… coz it’s Seattle’s “prime attraction”… hehe 🙂 Lol great views from the bathroom!! Can’t wait to wee and gaze…


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