Hanging Out at the Seattle International Beer Fest

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For those of you who don’t know (or who assume everyone is just drinking Budweiser in America), craft beer in Seattle is huge. You can get it on tap almost anywhere, from dive bars to pizza places, and the choice is massive.

So, in celebratory beer form, we hit up the Seattle International Beer Festival last Friday night – and it was awesome! It was held at Seattle Center, which is where the Space Needle is.


We were pretty overwhelmed and excited by the prospect of having 220+ craft beers on tap!



Like The Australian beer fest back home (which we miss!), you buy a bunch of tickets to get ‘tasters’, and each ranges from 1-2 tickets on average (with more deluxe beers, like sour beers, being anywhere from 3-5 tickets).

FullSizeRender 122

Of course, every beer you can imagine under the sun was here – from stouts and bocks to IPAs, kolschs, saisons, porters, ciders, scotch ales and more. You can see the full list here.

FullSizeRender 124

I can’t remember exactly what we tried, but there were a lot of triple IPAs on Esh’s part and a lot of dark beers and even a pineapple cider on my end. Here’s Eshy sipping and thinking deeply:



The only difference in Seattle (other than having more beers available) is that a) You get carded at the entry gate (WTF), b) The cup you get with your tickets is actually made of glass, not plastic, and c) You get a printed program/map that lists all the beers, so you can figure out which stand to visit to get the beer you want.


We went with our good pals Ben and Delia and overall, it was an awesome beer-filled night!


Slightly drunk, we couldn’t be arsed asking someone to take a photo of us, so we decided to take a selfie. This almost looks like a behind-the-scenes still of an early 90s TV show!

FullSizeRender 120

FullSizeRender 123

Next time, we’ll probably try and get there a little earlier to try more stuff, as we were scrambling for a last drink at the last call (or maybe we just weren’t drinking fast enough to begin with…).

Naturally, we ended up staying until closing time at night and then heading out for more beers and all American food at the Irish pub (yes Irish) McMenamins down the road… !

FullSizeRender 121
Thank God Seattle is a craft beer town!



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