Long Weekend Antics for the 4th of July!

FullSizeRender 79It was our first 4th of July here in Seattle last weekend, and one of the few long weekends / public holidays dished out in the US. It was also stinking hot (yay)!

Here’s what we got up to:

Friday was a public holiday, so we hired a car and headed to West Seattle to Alki Beach with Moby. Yes there are beaches in Seattle! They aren’t as nice (the sand is grey?) but it was refreshing to be near the water.

Here’s the beach, with the mountain horizon in the background:
FullSizeRender 68 FullSizeRender 73 FullSizeRender 77

You can also see the Space Needle in the distance:


Moby had a ball walking around! Unfortunately, you can’t take dogs down on the beaches here (dunno why). So will have to go for a swim next time.

FullSizeRender 84

IMG_0876FullSizeRender 85

After a Mexican meal and a long walk, we decided to stop off at Red Mill Burgers (another Man vs. Food Seattle institution) on the way home for a quick cheeseburger, onion rings and milkshakes. The burger left a lot to be desired, unfortunately, but the shakes were great!

IMG_0884 IMG_0883

On Saturday, we decided to hit up the “Bavarian” Village called Leavenworth – which we basically refer to as “that weird Germantown.” It’s 2 hours’ drive away from Seattle, but it was a damn nice drive through the forest and mountains.

IMG_0897 IMG_0901 IMG_0902 IMG_0894 IMG_0891

Leavenworth turned out to be super touristy and very American, as opposed to Bavarian (but hey, what did we expect?). And sadly, no one spoke German.

We were amazed to hear a group of Americans remark shortly after arriving: “It doesn’t even feel like we’re in America anymore!” Bahaha.


IMG_0927IMG_0925 IMG_0924 IMG_0915   IMG_0912 IMG_0911

After a bit of shopping, we managed to grab a couple of cold beers in the sweltering heat (which felt, nicely, like home) at the Icicle Brewing Co.


FullSizeRender 64

The highlight of Leavenworth, though, was the ‘Australian Store’!! Inside, there was nothing that even made it remotely Australian, except for a small shelf with Vegemite and Tim Tams and maybe a stuffed kangaroo. But at least they tried! It gave us a great laugh.

FullSizeRender 67 FullSizeRender 61

That night, we chilled at home with some drinks and managed to catch a few distant 4th of July fireworks from our veranda (sorry, no photos).

On Sunday, we headed to the Northgate Shopping Mall for a bit of clothes buying action (so cheap!) and then took Moby out for a walk at Discovery Park in Magnolia – though we didn’t get very far, since Moby was buggered.

Later, we ran into some friends and made our way to the Fremont Brewing Co. for a few craft beers ($15 for a 5 x paddle board!), followed by a stop off at the infamous Kerry Park.

My phone doesn’t take great pictures in the dark, but you get the idea.
FullSizeRender 46 FullSizeRender 47

FullSizeRender 55

Overall, we had a fun weekend for the 4th of July, even if it wasn’t traditionally watching fireworks. Here’s to the next one, America!



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