Veranda Tales – Part 1

The days are starting to get longer here in Seattle, a prime perk of the northern hemisphere spring/summer. The sun is going down at around 8.30pm, but even at 9.30-10ish there’s still a bit of light on the horizon.

So, accordingly, we decided it was time to make the most of our little Queen Anne veranda:


The veranda itself sits at the end of our apartment and faces south/southwest, so we get a nice bout of long afternoon sun.

The furniture was purchased from the ever-useful and disturbingly omnipresent Ikea. It was pretty cheap, costing about $180 all up. The table we bought is the exact same one we used to have in our courtyard back home (and which is now in storage)… fancy that!


Our view directly out is of the street below and 2 houses that are apparently owned by the Seattle police (who every now and then hold training SWAT raids there! It’s interesting to watch).


Despite this, the trees make for nice greenery and scenery, and sometimes you can spot squirrels running along the branches or roofs, doing their thing.

This photo doesn’t really do it justice, but we also have a snippet of a water view to the west, with tiny mountains in the distance (it’s behind this tree). This photo was taken at about 8.10pm, so still lots of light.


All in all, it makes for a wonderfully nice place to chill out during the afternoons and nights and make the most of the long days.

We hope to get a few more decorations (plants, lanterns) and maybe a few more bits of furniture, but at least it’s a start! Even sitting out there at night when it’s freezing cold is nice. The stars are bright and the lights are nice.


And the best thing is, I’m totally embracing the Seattle veranda lifestyle and writing this blog while sitting on the bench above! With a wine, I might add, which seems to have mysteriously disappeared from the photo… 😉


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