A Weekend in Olympia, WA

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Olympia is the state capital of Washington. It belongs to the Puget Sound region, has a population of just under 50,000 and it sits just over an hour’s drive from Seattle.

We decided to head down to Olympia last weekend for a bit of a getaway and to see what things were like outside of the city. Here’s a photo journey…

Brunch at King Solomon’s Reef, an old school diner. It looked popular, so in we went. Esh had Chicken n’ Waffles, while I had the Monte Carlo (a ham and turkey sandwich battered in egg and fried like french toast). Totally hit the spot!

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A dragon boat race at the Port – we only caught the end of it:

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These are the cool historical buildings on the capitol campus. The Supreme Court hangs out here. Apparently the one below was constructed in 1928. And inside, everything is made of marble.

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This is the Old State Capitol Building across from Sylvester Park. Castle-esque!

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Next we had beers at the Oly Taproom. This warehousey place was an awesome spot to drink and had both beers on tap and a huge fridge full of beer – from which you could select your poison and take it to the bar to be opened.

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Later, it was dinner and more beers at McMenamin’s Spar Cafe, another popular night spot. I think I read somewhere online (possibly here) that Kurt Cobain used to hang out here a bit. The food was pretty damn good, too.

IMG_0323 IMG_0326 2 IMG_0330 IMG_0331














The music scene on the street was also fricken’ ace. Bands busking, or hiring out their own rehearsal space with doors wide open. So cool.

IMG_0322 IMG_0334

The next day, after a visit to the farmers markets, we did a quick drive-by of another of Kurt Cobain’s old apartments on Pear St. Apparently this is where he lived with his girlfriend and wrote most of Nevermind. Rah! Amazing.


You can see more pics and learn more about Kurt’s house on this cool blog by Nick Soulsby.

And finally, the drive home back to Seattle. 5 lane roads rule!

IMG_0377 IMG_0379

All in all, Olympia is a nice place. It’s small and quaint, and by day it really reminded us of a country town back home. At night, it had a cool grungy vibe. Kinda wish we had been there in the 80s and early 90s! Needless to say, we still love Seattle…



4 thoughts on “A Weekend in Olympia, WA

  1. At first the Kurt references were making me jealous… now it’s just depressing. I want to go see his houses and hang outs 😦


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