Mt. Rainier & Space Needle in 47 Seconds

So, it was a bright and sunny (albeit cold) day in Seattle today, and from the roof of our building in Lower Queen Anne, we had amazing views of Mt Rainier. And the usual culprit – the Space Needle.

Here’s a quick video I made on my phone so you can see what we see – Esh as per usual not paying attention 🙂

The mountain looks a little hazy on screen, but it’s much clearer in person and actual looks quite striking.



6 thoughts on “Mt. Rainier & Space Needle in 47 Seconds

  1. I’d love to be able to see a mountain from my house. What is Ehs doing, looks like he’s kicking something smaller than him and taking pleasure from it?


    1. Yah it looks pretty stunning now in the clear summer days. Was up there this morning, it had a nice pinkish glow 🙂 Esh is fucking around as per usual and stuffing up my shot! Haha. I think he was kicking at a cigarette butt.


  2. Great views eh?….Seattle seems to be a mix of old and new buildings…something like Hobart in Tassie (except for the City skyline!)

    Trying to figure out where Frasier’s apartment was… he could see the Space Needle from his balcony ……any ideas????


      1. Hahahaha…..looks like we blundered onto a real controversy with the native Seattilians…Seatellites (what do you call ’em anyhow!?). I checked the Web and there has been quite a few discussions on this matter apparently, and they have come to the same conclusion that you have…that it is an “impossible” view, and that it is probably a configured collage of the skyline, to make the Space Needle look centremost and more prominent.
        One of the discussion posts:
        Anyway the real views are prettier!


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