A Visit to Kurt Cobain’s House

Seattle. The birthplace of Grunge. So cool to be here. So, as huge Nirvana fans, one of the first things on our tourist list was a visit to Kurt Cobain’s last house on Lake Washington Boulevard.


It’s privately owned these days (it went to Courtney Love on Kurt’s death, but she stopped paying rent on it at some point), so you can only view it from afar (i.e. the street), but we managed to get a couple of snaps before quickly moving along.


Apparently the garage still stands, but the greenhouse where he met his end is no longer there. But overall, pretty cool to maybe stand where Kurt once stood and wonder what awesome music was once created inside.

The atmosphere was very quiet and tranquil and the whole suburb kind of feels like a serene oasis.

Here’s what the street now looks like:


And this is the park next door, with the dedicated Kurt Cobain homage seat:


Needless to say, the locale seems to be one of the most beautiful in Seattle, where all the gardens are gorgeously manicured and the road islands sport huge tulips. Here’s the bottom of Kurt’s street.


And if you thought his house was big, that’s nothing. Every other home here is basically a stunning American mansion. Wish we could live in one of these!

IMG_0073 IMG_0076



Afterwards, we went for a walk to another little park around the corner. Felt like a slice of wilderness.



Next Nirvana Stop: Olympia – The WA capital where they (or Kurt) apparently wrote the majority of the Nevermind album.


7 thoughts on “A Visit to Kurt Cobain’s House

  1. That looks like an amazing day. I think i’d have goosebumps the whole time i was there. Such a great pic of the tribute seat. Kinda fitting really.


  2. Hey Nat…great pics!…..in the first one I could swear that I can see Courtney pissing in the bushes.
    Have you been to the top of “the needle” yet?
    27 degrees Celsius here the other day…. a bit cooler there?


      1. Things are great here,thanks. Its good to see you looking so well and soooo happy!!
        Hope you (fully) enjoy your time in the States…..we look forward to reading about your future adventures!……Miranda says hello! and stay safe.


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