South Lake Union – 8 Last Impressions

Having lived in corporate housing at South Lake Union for a month, we thought we would share some thoughts and impressions of the area in general – just in case you’re thinking of moving here… !


1. It’s new and clean. In terms of appearance and cleanliness, SLU is probably one of the prettiest spots in Seattle city. The streets are nice to wander through and until recently, the trees were done up with lights.

2. Food is good quality and there’s variety. There are lots of sandwich places, cafes and restaurants around here that provide you with good food and a decent amount of options.

In particular, we like Specialty’s, Serious Pie & Biscuit, Brave Horse, Lunchbox Lab, The Wurst Place and Cactus. We’ve yet to try Mistral and Fare Start. Next to the water, you also have other places like Duke’s Chowder House and I Love Sushi. Oh and let’s not forget the food trucks!!

3. It’s quiet. Other than a flood of Amazonians at lunch and sometimes dinner, SLU is quiet. Though I would say the whole of Seattle kind of has that feel. This means that on weekends, though, SLU can feel a little ‘dead.’ A lot of places are also shut on weekends. I kind of equate this to being in North Sydney.

4. Construction is crazy. There’s tonnes of construction going on around SLU, which means (a) more noise, and (b) lots of sidewalks are closed off. This can make walking around a pain. The constant “beep beep beep” of trucks and machinery reversing also got incredibly annoying. Glad to be getting away from that!

5. The area around Lake Union is beautiful. It feels wonderfully open and relaxing, and it’s a lovely place for a walk, specifically on a sunny day. It also a popular jogging circuit.

6. It’s full of Amazon workers. You’re basically right in the midst of the Amazon campus here, so you can be pretty much guaranteed that almost everyone you see will be an Amazonian. Probably great if you work at Amazon. But I found this somewhat monotonous.

7. There’s not a lot of supermarkets. We buy most of our stuff at Whole Foods on Westlake (which is expensive) or the Bartell’s on Mercer (which is good for supplies, but not fresh groceries). Other than that, QFCs and Safeways are further away (in terms of walking distance).

8. It’s easy to walk to other areas in Seattle. We are good walkers, so we walked to most other places in inner Seattle, like Capitol Hill, Downtown, Belltown and even Queen Anne. Each took around 20-30 mins. I haven’t seen a great deal of buses here, and we haven’t bothered with the SLU tram/trolley. But it’s an easy city to walk… assuming it’s not raining!


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