Best Burgers Ever at Lunchbox Laboratory

So, today we decided to head to Lunchbox Laboratory on Thomas St for burgers n’ shakes. Both were AMAZING.

First off, my Coney Island Bloody Mary cocktail was one of the best I’ve ever tasted. I’m a big fan of the Marys at the Oxford Tavern, but the Lunchbox one really took the cake.

Plus, it came with a pluto pup aka corn dog!!!! Which was also heaven, since I would die for a good pluto pup.


Esh ordered a Drunken Elvis, which came with ice cream, cream, peanut butter, banana and a test tube filled with Malibu Banana, Vanilla vodka and Baileys. Thick and delish!


Next came the Classic ‘Merican. Possibly the best burger I have ever had:



Esh had the Burger of the Gods – which came with blue cheese, candied onions and gorgonzola:


Despite being ridiculously full by the end of it, this is one place in Seattle we will definitely go back to!



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