We Made It! To Our Seattle ‘Condo’…

So, after a long business class flight, a 1hr United Airlines delay and a short haul from LAX, we finally arrived in Seattle!

The place we’ve been put up in for a month is on Mercer Street, in South Lake Union, and pretty cool. Though we are somewhat unsure whether it’s a condo or serviced apartment.

FYI – We discovered that “condos” here are units that are privately owned by an individual (just like you would own your unit back home). “Apartments”, on the other hand, are owned by companies or corporations; they generally own the entire building and all the units within it.

Anyway, our living area is pretty nice and modern, with lots of light:

P1030005 P1030006

Lofty style bedroom – thank god for fluffy pillows! Oh, and central heating.


The kitchen is pretty well equipped, and even has a dishwasher. Every appliance in the kitchen, for some reason, is Whirlpool. Except for the coffee maker, which doesn’t work.


We’re basically facing another block of units, but if you paste yourself against the glass, you can see a bit of the hill towards Queen Anne:

It’s pretty quiet, except for the person upstairs who keeps walking around like an elephant on the floorboards.

Apart from that, we love it!


7 thoughts on “We Made It! To Our Seattle ‘Condo’…

    1. Haha well I just walked to a Star Bucks only to discover it was SHUT!! But have actually seen a few places here with barista coffee machines… could be promising…


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