Sydney to Seattle: A 20hr+ Journey

Travelling from Sydney to Seattle was an incredibly long haul.

Luckily, the first leg of the trip (Sydney to L.A.) was on business on the QF A380. Yep, fully reclining ‘bed’ seats, awesome food, all the alcohol you can drink (I enjoyed two Bloody Marys over dinner while Esh sipped a scotch and dry, and a wine) and flight attendants that are actually nice and friendly.

Here’s a photo of our lamb dinner:


No airplane trays filled with mushy non-identifiable food here – hooray! In a nutshell, Business shards all over Economy in about 100 various ways, from nicer toilets to a lack of screaming kids. I didn’t feel like punching anyone the entire way.


Despite flying business, we didn’t sleep much and were a bit buggered by the time we got to LAX. After picking up our 3 suitcases from the airport, we have to lug them to a new transfer desk, then walk for about 20 mins to the United Airlines terminal.

By the time we got to the UA area, checked in (again) and went through customs, we were exhausted and tired – and then found out our flight was delayed for an hour!

On board, we managed to get an ‘Economy Plus’ seat. A local Seattle guy was nice enough to swap so that we could sit together. Esh slept for most of the way, while I dozed and gawked at the snow-capped scenery.

After more than 20 hours of travel time, we finally landed at around 12.30pm!

Our bags, on the other hand, took forever to come out on the carousel. All of the other travellers were pretty annoyed too.

When we did eventually pick up the bags, I discovered mine had had its lock snapped off and it was slightly open. WTF!

After inquiring with customer service, we found a note inside that said it had been opened by customs. Why? Because of THIS:


All Right Vegemite!!

After that, we managed to buy a sandwich so that we could get some cash for tips, then jumped in our first ever Yellow Cab to Seattle!!! It cost us about US$50 + $5 tip. Traffic was pretty heavy.

It was a long trip, but we were ecstatic to finally get here 🙂

Btw, you can check out photos of our temp condo here.


4 thoughts on “Sydney to Seattle: A 20hr+ Journey

  1. Welcome to the US of A. I forgot to mention that you need TSA locks. I just kept my bags unlocked when travelling within the states so they can open my bags and check stuff without breaking my locks 🙂

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